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www.alliancebankcredit.com provides services that are very specific to business owners looking for working capitals for the growth or to start their business. Our strategy for helping you acquire funding is done in three steps; Evaluate, Educate and Initiate. A typical client is one trying to achieve the dream of building a business to support their family, create a primary or secondary source of income in these hard times. Although the news circulating is that the economy is getting better but a lot of people still find it difficult to meet their most basic needs. Whether your business is just starting up or growing an existing business, we commend your efforts and we are ready and willing to be your companion every step of the way till you record a significant success.

To achieve the result of funding, your first step should be to have a filed corporation. It could be that you have filed this on your own or you purchased an aged corporation. A lot of people perceive the buying of an aged corporation as illegal, however, it is completely legal. An aged corporation is an unused entity that can be taken over by another individual to operate their own business. As soon as corporation is intact with precise business address and tax identification number, you are ready to start building business credit and that is moment businesstradelines.net steps in.

Your business credit will be built with Equifax Business in 3 weeks’ time from the beginning to the end. The business credit that we build for you gives your corporation history, verifies your business start date, show lenders that your business is qualified enough to maintain its credit commitments and qualifies you for the funding you want. We build business credit that will be 100% appropriate and befitting for your company, and not some futile trade lines that cannot be used. Over a decade of experience has taught us which industries requires more credit, those that requires less, what lenders like to see, we understand the fusion between retail and financial credit that is required by a business and the percentages that gets you qualified.

As soon as we are done building your business credit, it is necessary for us to tighten up your file, to prevent any lender objections or pitfalls. We would pinpoint any red flags the lenders may come across and fix those errors before the submission of any application. Minor things such as not having a decent website, not being listed on any business directories or addresses not correlating can result in an automatic decline. We will thoroughly review your business and help you address and rectify the little details that lenders look out for whenever they are reviewing an application for funding. If for one reason or the other you are missing some items, we have trusted resources that can be of help to you.

Another big step that a lot of people miss is a foreign registration filing. This filing is required if the corporation you are operating or managing is not in the state you reside in. if this is not accomplished, the lender begins to wonder “how do you manage or operate a business that is not in your state?” Except you are a public or a very large company, the lender will perceive this as non-compliant for small business lending and issue a decline.

During the process of reviewing an application for a business, the first thing a lender does is Google the company name. If nothing comes up, the lender issues an auto decline on the simple fact that the company could not be found. The underwriter at the lender will not emplace an extra effort into your file if they find it difficult to get the information they are looking for, they simple decline and move on to the next. To evade this, it is necessary to display your company in the best possible light and make the information they are looking for to be very easy to find. It is necessary that your business be listed on multiple business listing directories. These websites are created and designed to help market your company, thereby making it a lot easier for people to find your business or company based on expertise, type of business and location.
A very common place where people’s mistakes can easily be sites are on websites. It is expected of a good business and one that a lender wants to load money to put invest serious effort into a decent and well-functioning website. A decent website is one that has legitimate, good quality content that explains the business. It should be a multi-page website and be designed and arranged in such a way that befits the business. A website that looks a lot like a template or something that was hurled together at the last minute will raise a red flag. The moment a red flag is sighted, the lender begins to question your income, assets, financials, customer payment history, business transactions, account receivable, account payables, etc. we don’t want this to happen and www.alliancebankcredit.com  is capable and experienced with seasoned staff to assist you in making the funding happen!

We are always ready and willing to offer some additional services such as credit compliance, lender com lending, phone systems, business directory listings, business credit, aged corporations, and foreign registration filings. Feel free to contact us for pricing and time frames for each and every service. Most of the listed services are done in-house by our trained and seasoned professionals with over a decade long experience that will not disappoint you.

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We will look at your personal credit and your business and based on your goals of where you want to be, provide a detailed plan on how to get there.
With over a decade of experience in this industry, we understand that every business is faced with various needs. Every business at some point needs capital if they are to grow. We understand how credit and finance works and numerous ways to take advantage of options available to you based on your business. We look forward to working you to meet your goals.

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