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Tradeline Credit Packages

Get The Most Credit Possible When Using Tradelines

Adding tradelines will significantly increase your credit scores.  Below is an example of various tradeline packages that could be added to a credit file.  We strongly recommend our 30 to 45 days Clean Slate to ensure you start with a perfect credit file.

SSSN or CPN, access. has 3 proven tradeline packages that use a powerful mix of authorized users and Primary tradelines (when available)


Silver Package:  Call for Pricing  (Inventory changes monthly)
. Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr21.png
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg (1) Seasoned Primary’s on 3 bureaus
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg (2) Authorized Users all 3 Bureaus
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Funding Team Access
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Up to $50,000-$75,000
Add a 30-45 Days Clean Slate to Ensure you Start with a Perfect File.

Tradeline Credit
Packages are for example only, complete the form to get more info about specific packages. 
Tradelines can be purchased separately.  
Note: All authorized users are from our “premium select line”. This special set of tradelines is used on for our credit packages and in house clients.   Files that are not using or intending to obtain credit using out funding team.
Primary’s will be at least 3 years seasoned, and AU’s will be at 10+ years seasoned. Expect credit score is 770-800 + FICO
Auto, Credit cards, and Business loans

Gold Package 
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr21.png
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg (1) Primary’s Seasoned 5 years, INST and AUTO
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg (3) AU’s Revolving 10 years
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Funding Team Access
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Up to $75,000-$135,000

Tradeline Credit
* Note, primaries are not always available.
This file is great for luxury autos such as Maserati and Mercedes or BMW. This file is a strong all around file designed to pull maximum credit for credit cards on business loans in the 2nd phase of funding (optional). Expected Credit Score is 800+ FICO
Auto, credit cards, and business loans

Platinum Package 
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr21.png
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg (2) Primary’s 50,000 Seasoned 5 years
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg (3-4) of our best AU’s available with 28 +years seasoning
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Designed for Business Funding (optional)
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Assigned Concierge for one on one consulting
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Direct Hotline to our Funding Team Access
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Instant Broker Status-refer and get paid at the highest level commission rate
Tradeline Credits080511_0955_TradelineCr31.jpg Up to $150,000- $250,000 include business funding

Tradeline Credit

Add a 30-45 days Clean Slate, and obtain over $250,000 in funding with tradelines, they are just the only way to go.
Clean Slates in 30-45 Days

Note: Business credit can range widely, estimates above are conservative, and clients can obtain over $400,000 in credit with both credit cards and lines of credit. This will depend on the clients personality, there ability to pay the debt, and their goals with the new credit.

  • We process funding for those who are 100% certain they can pay this debt back to the banks, otherwise our credit lines and AU ‘s could be compromised, and this is not our business model. We can educate you on proven methods and strategies to use your credit wisely.

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone who we deem has negative intent towards using our services. If we suspect, at any point that the client and there new file, intends to not pay the debt, or is planning to use the new profile unlawfully, we will cancel all agreements and contracts. This is meant to be for extreme cases only.

TradelineScammers, don’t even attempt to apply, or offer trades, or make deals with our staff, etc. we have seen it all, and have no patience for tradeline scammers who want to trade for fake AU or primary’s.
TradelineInteresting statistic. A recent study done by our R and D dept. purchased a single tradeline or AU from over 12 out of 25 websites that were carefully check out and researched. These 12 sites we deemed to be credible, and dependable, many offering strong referrals and other proof.

Results: Not one single tradeline posted on any of our R and D files. We are working towards getting the legal authorization to post our results sometime in the near future, as many were clever in the contact responsibility. Please understand the risks in this industry, unfortunately the odds are stacked against.

Tradeline CPN Credit. The use of CPN numbers, a SSN validated number that is designed to set up a new credit profile and obtain credit using a new address. Identity is exactly the same, but the this method is used to create a new profile that will allow a person to access credit without the past credit showing on the profile. This is a good method for those affected by ID theft, or other similar issues, that may limit your credit access in the near future. The goal always should be to use this file temporarly the quickly repair your personal SSN file your CPN privacy number credit file once should be paid in full.
Piggy Backing.  A Way to buy good credit and ad this to your file.  Piggy backing is used primarily with other people credit cards, that have perfect credit history.  This approach can increase a credit score by 150 points in a matter of weeks.  This is not illegal and is simply exploiting a loop how in the credit system.